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"Architecture of Family"

Aurora Picture Show
2442 Bartlett St
Houston, TX 77098

Wed. Jun. 14 at 8 pm

Video still from "Open Your Eyes" by Allison Hunter, 2016.


"This program presents a selection of contemporary international short films that explore the connections and constructs of family and community through memories, spaces and places. Curated by Mary Magsamen, Architecture of Family includes work by Amy Jenkins, Sasha Waters-Freyer, Lenka Clayton, Thomas Gleeson, Lisset Mendoza, Allison Hunter, and others." More screening details


"Wild Waves Winding"
part of
12 Minutes Max

Matchbox 2
3400 Main St.
Houston, TX 77002

Sat. Nov. 5 at 8-9:15 pm


 "Wild Waves Winding" video still, 2016, by Allison Hunter, Christina Keefe, and Melissa Noble.
Video still from "Wild Waves Winding" by Allison Hunter, Christina Keefe, and Melissa Noble, 2016,
performance with video and spoken word. Melissa Noble seen in this still performing on the trapeze.

"Wild Waves Winding"
is a new collaborative video work
by Allison Hunter, Rice University
Christina Keefe, Rice University
Melissa Noble, University of Houston,

On screen performance by Christina Keefe, Melissa Noble, and Sofia Noble. On stage performance by Christina Keefe.


Approaching Nature

Williams Tower Gallery

Sep. 14 - Oct. 21st

Opening Wed. Sep. 14th


Penny Cerling
Janice Freeman
Dixie Friend Gay
Allison Hunter

Exhibition organized by
Sally Sprout Fine Art

Press Release

Exhibition Flyer


 "No. 1 (from the Golden Bees Series" 2011/2016, by Allison Hunter
Allison Hunter, No. 1 (from the "Golden Bees" series), 2011/2016, 40 x 40 in. archival pigment print.

Future Perfect: Picturing the Anthropocene
University Art Museum

Jul. 11 - Dec. 12th

University at Albany
Albany, NY

"Future Perfect will feature artwork that explores our onflicted relationship to the natural world and informs how we view the past, how we perceive the present, and how we imagine the future."

Artists include Colin C. Boyd, Amy Brener, JoAnne Carson, Edgar Cleijne & Ellen Gallagher, Tommy Hartung, Dana Hoey, Darius Kinsey, Jason Middlebrook, AlexanderRoss, Miljohn Ruperto & Ulrick Heltoft, Jacolby Satterwhite, and Letha Wilson in combination with works from the University Fine Arts Collection.

Scan of "Port of Albany: #2" 2002, by Allison Hunter
Allison Hunter, Port of Albany: #2, 2002, inkjet print on vellum, 5 x 5 in.
University Fine Arts Collection, University at Albany (SUNY).


Eastfield College Gallery

Mar. 3-Apr. 28th

Allison Hunter, Frog, from Zoosphere, 2010, still from 8-channel video (color, sound),
running time: continuous, dimensions variable, Courtesy of the artist, © 2016 Allison Hunter