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Authored articles, 2000-present
(listed in chronological order)

Allison Hunter, "Henrique Oliveira's Tridimensionals:
Brushstroke, Form, and Space
Sculpture, June, 2010, 34-39.

Oliveira title spreadtitle spread

Oliveira page2p2 Oliveira page 3 p 3 Oliveira page 4p 4 Oliveira page 5p 5  

Allison Hunter, "Light as Air," Sculpture, April, 2010, pages 75-76.



Sculpture magazine
Sculpture, April, 2010

Light as Air page 1 p 1

Light as Air page 2p 2  

Allison Hunter, "The Art Guys: McClain Gallery," Sculpture, March, 2010, 76-77.

Sculpture Magazine, March 2010
, March, 2010
Art Guys review View larger.

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Articles included in Book
Landscapes for Art: Contemporary Sculpture Parks (Perspectives on Contemporary Sculpture) Glenn Harper, Twylene Moyer, eds. ISC Press (Oct. 2008)

Landscapes for Art: Contemporary Sculpture Parks
Landscapes for Art: Contemporary Sculpture Parks

Pedvale p. 165 p1

"The Open-Air Art Museum at Pedvale" by Allison Hunter


Pedvale pgs. 166-167pg2-3

Pedvale p. 168p4


Pirkkalaps 1-2

"Finland's Pirkkala Sculpture Park" by Allison Hunter


Sculpture Magazine, December 2004

Sculpture, December, 2004

Cover Feature
Allison Hunter, "Giuseppe Penone: The Poetry of Art and Nature,"
Sculpture, December, 2004, 28-33.
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, May, 2004

Allison Hunter, "Pirkkala Sculpture Park,"
, May, 2004, 20-21.
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Cite magazine cover

Cite, Spring, 2004

Allison Hunter, "The House as Art,"
Cite: The Architecture and Design Review of Houston,
Vol. 60, Spring, 2004, 35.
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Glasstire, April, 2004

Allison Hunter, "Perspectives 141: Aaron Parazette,", April 21, 2004.




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Glasstire, January, 2004

Allison Hunter, "Matthew Ritchie: Proposition Player,", Jan. 27, 2004.




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Sculpture, July/August, 2002

Allison Hunter, "The Open-Air Art Museum at Pedvale,"
magazine, July/August, 2002, 20—21.
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HOW, December, 2001

Allison Hunter, "Weaving the Web,"
Design magazine, December 2001, 166—71. View as pdf file.




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ebr, vol. 12, 2001

Book Review
Allison Hunter, "Stuttering Screams and Beastly Poetry,"
ebr 12
,, 2001.



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ebr, vol. 11, 2000

Exhibition Review
Allison Hunter, "Unfolding Laramée,"
ebr 11
,, 2000.



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