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"I Remember Fireflies," 2012, is an outdoor video sculpture made to blend in with its surroundings.

Includes: original stop-motion animation video with sound, mini-video projector, speaker, painted wood, clay and wire figures, LED lights, wire mesh, glass, dried leaves, and rear-screen projection material.

I Remember Fireflies installed at NCMA
"I Remember Fireflies," acquisitioned by the North Carolina
Museum of Art, Raleigh, NC for their park, 2013

Online photo gallery of "I Remember Fireflies," pictured above.

Project Background Statement, 2012

Animation for "I Remember Fireflies," 2 min., 23 sec., accompanied by
"At Sundown," sung by Mildred Bailey.

The Making of first "I Remember Fireflies" for the "It's a Phase" exhibition curated by Divya Murthy, 2012
Video runs 2 min., 30 sec., with sound.
Check out photos of "It's a Phase" taken by Alex Barber.