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Urban Landscapes 2002-2004

Port of Albany | Albany | Vacancy Series | Port of Rensselaer

I began this body of work shortly after the 9/11 disaster. I responded to this tragedy by photographing the abandoned or decaying industrial buildings, such as warehouses, water towers, and other massive structures, in my neighborhood in Albany, New York, using analog film cameras and scanned the negatives into the computer. I digitally edited the images to create anthropomorphic interpretations portraying buildings as heroic figures in an apocalyptic wasteland. Selections from this series are collected by three museums in New York: the University Art Museum (SUNY), the Albany Institute of History and Art, and the Center for Photography at Woodstock.

Port of Albany #2 (from the Port of Albanyseries), 2002, archival inkjet print on vellum, 5x5 inches.


Port of Rensselaer #2 (from the Port of Rensselaer series), 2004, digital c-print, 20x20 inches.

Ramada inn, Albany (from the Albany series), 2002, archival inkjet print on vellum, 5 x 3.25 in.

CW Storage (from the Vacancy series), 2002,
archival inkjet print on vellum, 10 x 4 in.