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Open Your Eyes, 2016

Single-channel HD video with sound, RT 3.5 min.

Open Your Eyes is an experimental video based on memory and trauma. I explore a nonlinear narrative that reflects the outer self contrasted with inner thoughts.Scenes cut between still photographs and domestic interiors. The hypnotic ticking of a clock provides a soundbed that secures the audience within the filmic space yet also creates a sense of anxiety.




Wild Waves Winding, 2016 by Allison Hunter, Christina Keefe, and Melissa Noble

Performance with video and sound, (8.5 minutes).

Wild Waves Winding examines the contrast between public and private expression through poetry,  movement, and experimental cinema.


Stage Performer: Christina Keefe
On-Screen Actors: Melissa Noble, Sophia Noble, Coco
Video Editing and Sound Design: Allison Hunter
Camera: Allison Hunter, Christina Keefe, Melissa Noble

Credits for Poetry and Dialogue: “Metamorphoses” by Mary Zimmerman, “Variations on the Word 'Sleep' ” by Margaret Atwood, “The Wave” by Elizabeth Bishop, “Lamp” from the play “Talking With” by Jane Martin, “Dreams” by Mary Oliver, “A Land Not Mine” by Anna Akhmatova, translated by Jane Kenyon, “Pleasure Seas” by Elizabeth Bishop, “The Song” by Naomi Shihab Nye.


Video Bomb Houston, 2015

Video Bomb Houston, 2015 is a 4-part series of guerrilla-style video art projections in diverse Houston communities. Read more about this project here.

Above: Installation views of Video Bomb Houston, 2015