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Actions and Objects Video Installations

Actions and Objects is a series of short videos building on an ongoing artistic subject - things are not always as they appear. I began this series while in an art residency in NYC, I filmed myself in various situations, alone in my apartment, studio, and at the dock by the Chelsea piers. These three works depict filmed actions (opening a compact mirror, activating a room fan, and pulling bed sheets) and were installed in three adjacent rooms. I incorporated 3-D elements such as wood and paper to each display wall based on each composition. The final installations ask the viewer to question the difference between what is observed and what is really there. In addition, I created a series of short single-channel videos Observations, as part of this theme.


Compact, 2017, 1:11 min color video with sound, scrap wood (birch plywood).

Bed, 2017, 37 sec. silent color video, white drawing paper, foil paper, white Gaffer's tape.




Fan, 2017, 22 sec. silent color video, birch plywood, fabric, staples.